Landlords and tenants in Plymouth – what to expect in the next 12 months

Claire and Becky

The coronavirus pandemic has presented property agents like us with undoubtedly the biggest test we have ever faced as a company.

Here at Lang Town & Country, we’re people-people; we always have been and we always will be!

That means we LOVE getting out and about, enjoying our beautiful city and surrounding areas and, above all, meeting wonderful people who are confident in trusting us with their most important asset: their home.

Scroll down to watch a video exclusive with Claire and Becky from our lettings team...

Lockdown challenges for the property market

When the nationwide lockdown was implemented by the Government back in March, it brought with it new guidelines and regulations that made doing what we love much, much more difficult.

Social distancing rules meant we could no longer visit you to offer a valuation, book appointments to help you find your dream home, or share your success when you manage to sell your property.

Despite all the Covid restrictions, and while other property agents around the city struggled to adapt, we’re proud of how we rose to the challenge.

Our Lang Town & Country YouTube channel now has more than 170 subscribers

Lang Town & Country Lettings leads the way

With the health and safety of our clients and staff remaining paramount throughout, we remained on hand throughout lockdown to offer the same fantastic service that we have for decades across our sales, lettings and New Homes departments.

We even launched our virtual tours service, which continues to go from strength to strength after lockdown and allows you to get a feel of a property from the comfort of your own home (check out our YouTube channel here).

All the hard work continues to pay off, and our lettings team are certainly leading the way – letting our entire stock of properties for the first time in our 23-year history!

This amazing success is thanks in no small part to Claire Oliveira, our Branch Manager, and Becky Jude, Key Account Manager, who have worked tirelessly before and during the pandemic on behalf of our clients.

The life of a letting agent during lockdown

Here, Claire Oliveira, branch manager, and Becky Jude, key account manager, talk about the life of a letting agent during lockdown – including how we supported our landlords and tenants, how we overcame our biggest Covid challenges, and what the future has in store for the rental market in Plymouth…

Claire says: “I think our first message to landlords and tenants was not to panic. We were doing virtual tours of all of our empty properties, because we still had a lot of enquiries. Becky was going out and filming these tours – and they worked really well.

“We might be one of the only companies at the moment allowing people to let properties on the basis of virtual tours. They apply online with an application form, which then gets put forward to the landlord.

“We are only doing viewings if you have submitted an accepted application. This is to eliminate the risk of people going in and out of properties unnecessarily.

“My advice to landlords would be to ensure that you have rent and legal insurance, in case tenants are made redundant.

“We do offer our Manage Plus service, when this is included within our management fee – which means you’ve got that cover in place.”

We have let our entire stock of properties for the first time in the company’s 23-year history

Helping hand for Plymouth’s landlords and tenants

Becky adds: “At the start, it was just about being there at the end of the phone if our landlords or tenants had any questions.

“And filming our virtual tours meant that when people were ready to move again, we were ready to help them.

“During lockdown, we had a lot of enquiries from people who were in apartments or flats look to the South West because of our open-space areas.

“The only problem we have at the moment is that we don’t have enough stock for the tenants that we want to try and help.

“We think it’s going to continue to be really busy and now is a really good time to become a landlord – particularly with the stamp duty changes through the sales side.

“We’re finding that rents are being increased because of the demand for rental properties in this area.

“If you are interested in becoming a landlord, or you would like any help or guidance with renting a property, just give us a call on 01752 201010.”

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