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If you are thinking of selling your property now or at some point in the future please read our thinking of selling guide. The guide that has been put together to provide you with some helpful hints and tips and some advice from Which consumer services on what to look out for when appointing an estate agents.

We have listed some helpful tips & what to look out for when trying to sell your home based upon the experience we have gained over the many years of working in the industry.

There are many things to consider when choosing the right estate agent to market your property, but the MOST important factor should be the terms & conditions of their contract. Below are some tips from the consumer advice company “Which” that you should take the time to read.

It’s important to read estate agent contracts thoroughly. Pay attention to the following areas and, if necessary, seek to clarify the relevant clauses:

If you are not happy with the agent’s service, how long does the contract tie you in for?

Ideally aim for a six-week break clause.

What happens if you are unhappy with the agent’s service and want to complain?

You should be very clear about the arrangement you are entering. So, if you don’t understand the contract don’t sign it.

Legally, estate agents’ contract must use clear terms. Your estate agent must pass on all offers promptly in writing, reveal any financial interest they have in offers made on your property, keep records for six years and be a member of one of the two Office of Fair Trading-approved redress schemes.

At Lang Town & Country we offer a ZERO-week contract that can be terminated at any time by giving us 14 days’ written notice.

We offer this service, because we’re confident that if you trust us to sell your property you will stay with us because you want to stay, not because you have to.

Important Considerations

One of the most important considerations for people selling their homes are the fees.

When you choose an estate agent, you will be paying for a service, not a product.

We are aware that your home is probably your largest asset, and it is our job to achieve the best possible price for your property. A responsibility we, at Lang Town & Country, take most seriously.

Our fee structure is flexible, and we would be happy to discuss this further. We can either charge a percentage fee or a fixed fee.

Regardless, we will be driven to achieve the highest price for you. We are very proud of our service levels and our staff.

First impressions are important, so check the kerb appeal, tidy the garden front and back, paint window sills and the front door if needed. Rooms inside should be kept tidy (even when you’re not expecting a viewing). De-clutter considers putting some of your belongings in storage, tidy and clean, neutralise animal smells, get someone to take the children and pets out during viewings.

Finish any DIY projects, but you don’t have to spend a fortune. Freshen up your paint work, a lick of paint can transform a room and bring it up to date. Use the space, a double bedroom has more value than a single, and a single bedroom has more value than a study. Show the rooms off to their best advantage to maximise their appeal. House full of family photos? Tone it down – the viewers need to imagine themselves living there, not you. Clean, dust and tidy everywhere present your property the best you possibly can.

With the years of experience that we have gained within the industry most purchasers tell us that they prefer it when the Estate Agent shows them the property, we feel that the first time someone looks at your property all they want to do is get a feel for it, let them, and let them do it with the agent. When they want to come back for another look it is at that point you may want to be there as they may have some questions to ask you.

When choosing your estate agent, choose wisely. You are trusting someone to deal potentially your biggest asset. Unfortunately, in England there are no laws or regulations in place to govern who can become an estate agent. The NAEA believes that all estate agents should belong to a licensing scheme so that consumers know that, not only are they getting the highest quality service possible, but also that any unscrupulous, unethical and unprofessional agents are stopped from practising as an estate agent.

Please visit www.naea.co.uk to check whether your local estate agent is licensed by the NAEA.

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